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Cheap Firewood.  How much does firewood cost? Most of use firewood to save money and lower our heating bills. However, some firewood may be priced cheaper than others due to it being softwood (very quick to burn - need to…
Friday, 08 May 2020

Red Gum Firewood Adelaide

Red Gum Firewood Sales in Adelaide.  Where to buy Red Gum firewood in Adelaide? Whether you want to pick up firewood or have firewood delivered to your  home - Firewood Solutions provide affordable, sustainable firewood. Red gum wood burns hotter…
Cooking on woodfire is an art form and people over the ages have perfected this taste and skill. However, just like creating the perfect dish, making the perfect fire for cooking is just as important and (as with the dish)…
When it comes to heating your home, burning firewood instead of coal or natural gas can have a far lower impact on the environment. The main reason for this is that unlike these alternative energy sources, firewood isn’t a fossil…
How do timber species compare as fuel for firewood Any heat-seeking home combustion fire-lover knows that it’s all about the quality and type of the firewood you burn as to the warmth achieved. To help those that are a bit…

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