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About Firewood Solutions

Firewood Solutions supply quality and seasoned Bluegum firewood harvested by us from plantation grown and sustainable forests and landholders in South Australia. It is split, ready for your home or business fire.

Located in Tatachilla - McLaren Vale, we're equiped with a fleet of transport equipment to be able to deliver your desired amount of firewood timber direct to your home or business. Alternatively, you are also able to come and pick it up during our opening hours.

We also supply wholesale timber to other wood yards.

Firewood Solutions is a part of a larger business called Mechanical Vegetation Solutions (M.V.S). M.V.S are an established arboriculture company that supply contract services for roadside trimming and widening, arboriculture (tree surgery and removals), large scale weed management, fire break maintenance and fuel reduction services, environmental maintenance, and many other services.

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